Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Date weekend 03.27 to 29, 2009

March 27th, 2009
Tonight my sweet/adorable/amazing/lovely/cute/romantic hubby took me Provo for a two day date. Oh, I needed it so bad. We were so stressed out with so many things going on in our lives lately that a break from all of that sounds like a blessing from heaven. Daren used his travel agent connection and we were treated like royalty at the Provo Marriott, including breakfast and ski passes… Ok, all of you that know me well know too that I have never skied before, so I knew I was up for a big surprise.
March 28th, 2009
Here is me refusing to get out of our warm bed after looking out the window…brrrrr….

The whole weekend of cuddle time at the hotel with my hubby was worth the trip and who would have ever thought I would be able to trick my hubby to not go skiing for 10 years (yes, I am that tricky…) I couldn’t find a way to convince Daren that skiing wasn’t necessary, he was so excited for me and was thinking that he would get a ski partner out of the deal… So equipped with our Spider ski outfits and looking like US ski team members, we were off to Sundance Resort.
Daren was the best ski teacher ever, patient and very instructional and according to him I did very well.
So my ski adventure started this way…..

This is the video my hubby did for me so I wouldn’t feel left out on the higher runs…

Isn’t he the best?

And ended this way….

Summary: I hated skiing, so cold, too white and not so interactive. I will stick with tennis, running, swimming and martial arts.
On the way back to Provo we stopped to see cousin Shelly and her husband Dave Freeman at their new home. Cool house, by the way, couz!

Daren & Shelly

The cute Sophie Freeman

The Freeman's crib

Daren surprised me with a sushi dinner at our hotel room and some romantic set-up.

Lucky girl, huh?

March 29th, 2009
Sadly everything was done by Sunday afternoon when we came back home and besides the good memories of our romantic weekend, Daren brought a flu back home with him...poor baby...

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