Monday, March 23, 2009

Las Vegas 02.11 to 16, 2009

Kaitlyn (our adorable, cute, teenager hormone-powered daughter) was in town today, after work Daren and I went to pick her up at the McCoys to have some fun. Kait was craving a hamburger and no better place to go than FIVE GUYS (yummy, yummy…). After we were stuffed to the max and happy, Kait convinced us, using her beautiful puppy dog eyes, to take her to the Zumiez store to the sadness of our pockets. Isn’t it amazing how our kids can leave us poor and happy? To finalize our night we decided to go watch a movie (KNOWING): great movie, it makes you think about your life and how short it can be.
We miss Kait so much, after she moved to Hurricane we spent 03.11th to 16th with her at St. George/Las Vegas, it was her first time in Las Vegas and we had so much fun. Ayaka, one of our past exchange students, came to visit us from Japan and according to her it was a dream come true.

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