Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busy Week 03.11 to 15, 2009

Last week was a pretty busy week for us, we were exhausted :( Besides the sad situation with the Sanders, we had the house full this week.

03/11 to 12 -We had the Morris (Shane & Marcel) on the way to Hawaii (yes, we are jealous, but who isn't? It's Hawaii, people!) with another couple (sorry it will sound rude, specially as they were our guests, but we forgot their names).We love the Morris! Marcel is Daren's sister and Shane is a brother to us, we always have so much fun having them around.

Shane & Marcel Morris
enjoying some good subs at Jimmy John's

On 03/13, my dear friend and former co-worker (Renee Hammond) and her better half (Matt Greg) came from Seattle to visit us for 4 days, it was so nice to see them.

On 03/14, we spent practically the whole day helping the Sanders: setting tables, cleaning, cooking, serving... trying to show our moral support anyway we could. We know this won't heal their pain, but I am sure it's nice to know people care about you. The Sanders are an example of faith and strenght for us.
During the night we had two dinners that we had already RSVP'D for so we couldn't miss...First we went to the Mango's (Tarek & Tabitha) and had a nice Italian dinner with good friends/ former co-workers. We had a blast, the Mangos are wonderful hosts and the guestlist couldn't have been more wonderful.
Renee Hammond, Greg Fowles, Charles "Chip" Bullen, Matt Greg and Daren

Sarah Seamons, Connie Lang & Jennifer Fowles

Tarek & Tabitha Mango

After the Mangos, Lisa Fick (Daren's former co-worker and good friend) got engaged with Aaron (yeah, again. we forgot his last name). We got there a little late, but it was nice to be able to share their happiness, we love Lisa and Aaron is a very nice guy. Congrats to them!

Oh, I almost forgot to make everything better : Daren and I got sick, too much food or something, we stayed awake the whole night. We were so exhausted we stayed home from Church and slept.

On Sunday (03/15) we were dying... By the end of the night when Renee and Matt came back home after a fun day of skiing , we were feeling much better. We are glad we didn't make them sick :)To end our busy weekend Daren was so exhausted on Sunday that he snored all night long, which kept me awake trying to find ways to block his noises without any success.One of my neighbors had her husband (who according to her was a chain shaw snorer) do a snoreplasty, a simple procedure that according to her stopped his snoring, only $250!!!http://www.talkaboutsleep.com/sleep-disorders/archives/Snoring_apnea_snoreplastyupdate2.htm

I will definetely take a look into that :)))

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