Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sad news 03.08, 2009

Today we received some sad news from our dear friends (The Sanders).
On Sunday (03/08) Mara Sanders went to the UofU Hospital for an emergency C-Section.
Baby Elijah was born but with complications... During the birth process a blood cloth went to his brain and he didn't move at all, no brain activity... It was so sad :(((
We went to visit the Sanders and we hope to hear some good news, but instead they informed us that after several exams they decided to turn off Elijah's life support.
Besides hold them, on situations like that you don't know what to say.
I can't even imagine what they are going through right now... What an awful decision to make!
They are devasted and heart broken, I ask all of you that know the Sanders to join us in our prayers for baby Elijah and his family.
Thank you,

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  1. Hi guys:

    Your Blog looks really professional. I am new to this blogging thang. I don't know the Sanders but will keep baby Elijah in our prayers and their family.

    Alofa tele,



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